LightBird is passion and heart, as represented by the logo itself:
a brave little bird who with its long legs is able to fly over every obstacle.


"I strongly wanted to realize something that would represent my spirit and my essence as a human being."

Humans live on passions, they want to be happy and this urge naturally and inevitably causes them to grow. Lightbird means just that: the allegory of the one who, with passion and tenacity, manages to overcome obstacles that seem insuperable.

That is why we tried to combine this feeling with our daily world, the eyewear sector. We wanted to create something new and different, that could surprise with the elegance of simplicity.

A team of professionals motivated by the same principles work every day with dedication to the realization of a project that aims to combine the core of human expression to the design and manufacture of the product.



From concept to production

Photo by Francesco Sovilla

LIGHTBIRD is a project born in the Dolomites in the province of Belluno, where it has found its perfect habitat: nature's beauty and spontaneity is combined with the long-established artisanal tradition that links the territory to the world leadership in the eyewear sector.

LIGHTBIRD is completely and enthusiastically Made in Italy. The workmanship and finishing of our products prove the thirty years of experience of the workers involved in their creation.