Aluminuim + Cellulose Acetate

Light_MATTER is an entirely Made in Italy lightweight and innovative composite material, born from the union of hi-tech aluminium and cellulose acetate.

By means of adhesives used in aerospace, the two materials become a single entity which is then accurately manufactured in a traditional and artisanal way.

The Light_MATTER collection is also characterized by the absence of painted parts thanks to an anodizing process that, in addition to coloring the metal, contributes to the hardening and protection over time.


Copper/Brass + Cellulose Acetate

A new challenge arises from the experience gained with Light_MATTER collection: the Light_MIRROR collection, realized with the innovative material born from the combination of Pure Copper and Brass with Cellulose Acetate.

The design and the perfect matching of the surfaces confer the collection a remarkable aesthetic impact, almost like a magic, that gives life to a brand new, lightweight and highly contemporary frame.

All models are also protected by a special coating that maintains its shiny character unchanged over time.